When the concept of value engineering was first conceived during World War 2, the aim was to find real value through careful analysis of products and components. This was accomplished by either improving performance without increasing cost or reducing cost without sacrificing performance. It was understood that value could only created if functionality and durability remained the priority.

Today, value engineering has fallen far from its origins, with products being chosen and changed out simply because they are cheaper, many times sacrificing performance and longevity. This new process is no longer about creating actual value. Acknowledging that budget is always a concern, there must still be a better way.

With the introduction of the EN-V Collection, we aim to restore the true meaning of value. We haven’t cheapened anything about the EN-V metal panel system, but rather optimized the process to find cost savings without ever sacrificing performance. This system provides multiple design possibilities, with an extensive palette of colors, finishes, and materials. Now you can use a system you want at the price point you need.

Architectural Metal Wall Panels


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